Flugelhorn and Brass Band

Moonbeams, was commissioned by the ‘Friends of the National Youth Brass Band of Wales’ and received its premiere performance during the summer of 2009 by Flugelhorn soloist Joanne Childs accompanied by the National Youth Brass Band of Wales.

The work is a Song and Dance for Flugelhorn and not only showcases the lyrical nature of the instrument, but also demands a high level of agility and technique from both he soloist and the accompanying band not normally associated with this particular solo instrument.

It is an evocative work portraying images of a moonlit night.  The song suggests the moons reflection playing on a rippling surface of a lake or brook, while the playful dance suggests the moon hiding from view behind silhouetted hillside or trees and the moonbeams that do reach the earths surface are never still, always dancing.

The song can be played as a stand-alone concert item.


Difficulty: Difficult

Duration: 00:07:00

Available from: Prima Vista Musikk Ltd