Deep River

Flugelhorn and Brass Band

Apart from Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Deep River is probably the most popular and loved of all spirituals.  This anonymously written Afro-American song has been used diversely, being scored for most combinations of singers and instrumentalists.  It has been used in film, and even appears in the finale of  British composer Sir Michael Tippet’s oratorio, A Child of Our Time.

This version is for Flugelhorn soloist and brass band accompaniment.  The solo line is honest to the simplicity of the original tune and sits serenely above richly scored band accompaniment.  The full tonal range of the flugelhorn is explored but the simplicity of the rhythmical content means that it is with in the grasp of most soloists and will be a welcome addition to any soloists repertoire.

Difficulty: Easy (Intermediate solo part)

Duration: 00:03:30

Available from: Kirklees Music