In astronomy a Starburst (or Starburst Galaxy) is a term used to describe a region in space which has an abnormally high rate of star formation occurring.  A galaxy contains high levels of gas which, over billions of years, stars are created from.  The rate of star creation can be accelerated in some galaxies and intense, explosive star formations create iridescent shapes against the back drop of space.

Starburst is an exciting concert opener which takes inspiration from the concept of stars being created.

The work opens explosively with a sforzando strike and a rhythmic ostinato from solo cornets.  Broad, heavy chords from the middle and lower end of the ensemble evoke the depth and endlessness of space whilst the dancing ostinato creates ceaseless energy and life.

The main theme grasps onto the vitality of the introduction and emphasis needs to be placed on the varied rhythmic elements found within the score.  

Starburst was composed for and is dedicated to the ‘Greater Manchester Youth Brass Band’, whom gave the premiere at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester in June 2014  


Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Duration: 00:04:15

Available from: Yewden Music