Maneno Ya

Commissioned in 2012 by the Penicuik Silver Band for inclusion in their programme for the Borders Entertainments Contest,  Maneno Ya is an African themed anthem for band.

The name Maneno Ya (pronounced Mah-Neh-Noh - Yah) is Swahili and translates as ‘song’ hence the subtitle of the piece - A ‘Song’ of Africa.  The work opens at a steady pace with percussion while the flugelhorn states the first theme.  The accompaniment is generally scored sostenuto through-out to obtain the effect of a hymn or chorale.  At times syncopation is implied through articulation markings in both the melody and accompanying lines.  This is to highlight rhythmic interest and should not be over emphasised. 

The piece has four percussion parts; however all parts other than the drum kit part are optional.  Percussion can play a large role in this piece if required however, with parts doubled or improvised over to create a more authentic sound.

This is a higly approachable work for most levels of band and has already proved a welcome addition to concert repertoire for your audiences to enjoy.


Difficulty: Easy - Easy - Intermediate

Available from: Prima Vista Music Ltd