Flame of Independence

Flame Of IndependenceGiven as a gift to the United States of America from the people of France, the statue of Liberty is one of the most recognisable icons of the United States world-wide, and also the universal symbol of freedom and democracy.

Standing on Liberty Island in New York Harbour, the 305 feet copper clad statue is that if a robed women holding a torch which is coated in gold leaf.  The figure is derived  from Libertas, ancient Rome’s goddess of freedom from slavery, oppression and tyranny.  Her left foot tramples broken shackles, symbolizing freedom from oppression while her raised right foot symbolizes liberty and the refusal to stand still.  Her torch signifies enlightenment and the tablet in her hand represents knowledge and shows the date of the Declaration of Independence July 4th 1776.  The seven spikes on her crown represent the seven continents and seas.

This high-octane concert opener has been adapted from the brass band score and is dedicated to the Rochdale Youth Wind Band who premiered the work in it’s wind band setting in 2010 and has since found popularity as a concert opener with wind bands both in the UK and USA.


Difficulty: Intermediate

Available from: Prima Vista Musikk Ltd